Consul Johann M. K. Blumenthal (1868-1938, pictured below) founded the company in 1901. He was an outstanding personality, combining optimism and professionalism, which helped him to build up one of the greatest German tramp fleets of his day.
After 1945 his grandson, navy Captain Hans-Edwin Reith, rebuilt the fleet, which had been completely lost during the Second World War. This courageous and successful entrepreneur applied the same energy and commitment that had been shown by his late grandfather 50 years before.
Today's president Dr. Matthias-K. Reith represents the fourth generation of his family to head Reederei JOHANN M. K. BLUMENTHAL. He contributed significantly to the success of ORION Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft Reith & Co., which was managed and owned by Dr. Matthias-K. Reith together with his brother, until the company split in June 2005. After restructuring, the extensive newbuilding programme and the continued acquisition of modern second-hand tonnage led to the dynamic growth of Reederei JOHANN M. K. BLUMENTHAL, in both the bulk and container markets.
Reederei JOHANN M. K. BLUMENTHAL - stronger than ever
A tradition of over one hundred years has instilled in us an important sense of obligation and our goal is to provide an excellent service worldwide.
Our commitment as a team remains unchanged since the company's foundation in 1901. We offer reliability, professionalism and advanced management skills to our business partners. All efforts are directed to providing our customers with high quality sea transport by means of our modern fleet, which operates all over the world. We take pride in our excellent shore and seagoing staff who work together as a team dedicated to the future.